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Just like the grocery store – we accept payment in full when you receive your work product.   An architect that accepts credit cards may be a crucial component to your project financing plan.

Our agreement to work with you will be outlined by a letter or contract.  It will describe the scope of services that you will receive, and the fee that you agree to pay.  We  always ask for part of your fee up front to enable us to cover overhead as we get started on your project and to ensure that you are sincere about your desire to work together with us.  Final payment for your project is always due upon completion of the work product.

In the event that you cancel your project mid-stream an adjusted fee may or may not be appropriate.  It will depend on the stage of completeness of your project in our work process.

For your convenience we accept Cash, Cashier’s checks, Personal and Business checks, Pay Pal payments, Chase Quick Pay, and this Architect Accepts Credit Cards.  

When it is time to receive your work product and pay for it – if you would like to pay with a card we can swipe your card in our office or anywhere else using our smart phone technology.  Square, Inc. the processor for our Credit Card Transactions has provided an attachment for our phones that will scan your card to initiate the transaction any time in any place.